President / Owner
Walt Reinhardt
559.226.4700 ext 17

Vice-President / Producer
Rick Reinhardt
559.226.4700 ext 24

Office Manager / Controller
Debbie White
559.226.4700 ext 15

Marketing Manager
Jerry Renna
559.226.4700 ext 13


Personal Lines
Camille Fisher
559.226.4700 ext 23

Commercial Lines
Brenda Esparza
559.226.4700 ext 19
Barbara Spiker
559.226.4700 ext 18
Lori Evans
559.226.4700 ext 11
Sandra Wiens
559.226.4700 ext 12
Kelly Manley
559.226.4700 ext 22
Health and Life
Rene Martin
559.226.4700 ext 30


Debbie Dunlap
559.226.4700 ext 25

Accounting Clerk
Sharon Adams
559.226.4700 ext 20


Patrick Bradley
559.226.4700 ext 35
Jonathan Clague
559.226.4700 ext 31
Rick Reinhardt
559.226.4700 ext 24
Terry Moore
559.226.4700 ext 34
Jerry Renna
559.226.4700 ext 13
Walt Reinhardt
559.226.4700 ext 17
Mark Stimmell
559.226.4700 ext 14
Gary Smith
559.226.4700 ext 21
Debbie White
559.226.4700 ext 15
Morris Tolmachoff
559.226.4700 ext 28


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